A positive birth experience

As a labour coach & doula, we support your birth team. We do not replace the loving encouragement of your partner.
Our experience and knowledge will allow a woman to immerse herself in the birthing process. Our nurturing guidance promotes a woman’s ability to follow her body’s cues and birth with confidence.
During our first meeting we will discuss how you envision your baby’s birth and your preferences during labour. We will also create a flexible birth plan.
When labour begins we will come as soon as you feel it is necessary and remain until the birth of the baby and for the first hour afterwards. We will assist you with breastfeeding and take photos if desired.

To register contact: Ann Biggar ,RN, Prenatal Educator, Labour Coach
905-376-1470    |    ann.biggar@gmail.com

Included services:

• 1-2 prenatal visits

• Customized birth plan

• Unlimited telephone and email support

• Access to personal lending library

• Complete labour support and 1 hour post delivery

• 1 postnatal visit